Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I rate my building?

By undertaking a survey you will be helping Architects across Australia design the best possible buildings for the future. Buildings are designed for people. The more we know about what people think about their buildings, the better the buildings we can design.

By undertaking one of our surveys you also get the opportunity to think critically about what you like and don’t like about the buildings you live in. This might even make you reconsider how you use your home or office to best suit your needs.

What will the data be used for?

The data provided from these surveys will be analysed and incorporated into a series of reports for architects. It is also intended that some of the findings that are of most interest to the general public be published on this site and in the news media more generally once we have had a sufficient number of responses.

Who is doing the research?

The research is being undertaken by Architects Atelier Red + Black who will be sharing the insights with the design community.

Based in Fitzroy, Atelier Red + Black undertakes a range of projects from the inner city to the outer fringes of Melbourne. For more information check out the website

Where can I see the results?

We hope to publish the most interesting aspects of the research on this website once we have had sufficient responses.

What is evidence based design?

Evidence based design uses data and hard evidence to guide the decision making within the design process. We hope to be able to use the data collected on this site to inform our design process to create the best buildings possible.

Will my details be private?

Our surveys are anonymous and do not require personal information.

For more information check out our privacy statement.