First results released

We are very excited reveal our first results from our innovative research

It is a common argument put forward that due to apartment buildings being typically located near centres of urban activity, apartment dwellers do not want or require substantial living or kitchen spaces. This argument suggests that apartment residents would instead prefer to entertain guests in restaurants, pubs, cafes or public spaces.

apartmentsThis relatively straight forward assumption about how people want to live, is the first to be tested by the Rate My Building research project.

The hypothesis tested is as follows: is being able to entertain guests at home is as important to apartment dwellers as it is to those who live in detached houses?

We gave our data to an independent mathematician with experience in analysing scientific data. A Chi Square test was undertaken on the data which determined to a 95% confidence level that people living in houses and people living in apartments think the same way about entertaining guests in their home.

This research shows that Australians want to entertain guests in their home, regardless of whether that home is a single bedroom apartment or four bedroom house. Architects, property developers and local councils need to ensure that the dwellings that they are creating are genuinely suitable for entertaining guests.

This has important ramifications for developers who commission apartments, Architects who design them and Councils who approve them. Whilst the free market may apply significant pressure on the reduction of apartment sizes, Australians will not be satisfied with apartments where the kitchen and living spaces are so small that they cannot accommodate guests.

To read more about the methodology and results download our data sheet here

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