Welcome to RateMyBuilding.com.au, the site where you get to evaluate the buildings you occupy. With the website now officially launched, we invite you to take a look around.

This website is an initiative from architects Atelier Red + Black to investigate what people really think about the built environment. Does your building function well? Is it frequently too hot or cold? What would you change? These are all questions that are crucial to understanding our buildings and the people who are using them.

We have started with four surveys – looking at stand-alone Houses, Townhouses, Apartments and Offices. In the future we hope to expand this further to look at other building types and other issues surrounding our built environment. If you have any questions about our project be sure to check out the FAQ section. If your question isn’t there please feel free to contact us to find your answers.

Finally we wish to thank you for your time in participating in our project.


Michael and Sonia

Atelier Red+Black

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